Clarinet Event Editor Features


The Clarinet-system is a powerful Protocol Test platform including a built-in X25 simulation for  ISDN, E1/T1 Trunks, ATM and  Vseries  interfaces. 

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The flexibility and the user-friendly interface of the software provides the user with a way to use it for product development, engineering, or field trials.

Standard Features

Event Edition
Event filters

Protocol Event-Editor

Event Decoding

  • Date of event with resolution of 0.1 ms or 0.1s (ATM)
  • Link type and T or R direction, by interface number
  • Protocol decoding and event selection according to filter specification
  • Presentation by decoding level
  • Facility-IE display under BER or full ASN1 decoding format.

Edition Commands

  • Manual scrolling by line, page, event, beginning and end of file.
  • Automatic scrolling.
  • ASCII search.
  • Clipboard in binary or ASCII format.
  • Access to the associated filter.

Protocol Filters

Filter Specifications

  • Protocol specifications according to a 7 levels protocol stack
  • Definition of group of interfaces with common characteristics.
  • Display and record formats
  • Filter actions: record, display, delay, trig-out...

Links Specifications

  • Physical link: ATM cell, ISDN I430, TS0-CEPT, CAS G704, V24, X21.
  • Signaling link: level 1( BOP, CCS7, X21, Asynchronous)+ stack
  • Data link: level 1 (Ethernet, BOP, BYTE-TS, BERT, Asynchronous)+stack

Protocol Stack Specification

  • ATM:DXI, DXI-ILMI, CL-IP over ATM, Q2110-SSCOP, Q2931
  • HDLC: ISO4335, SDLC, LAP X, V120
  • ISDN: Q921, Q931, QSIG, X25, DASS2, DPNSS.
  • X25, X75 SLP,
  • GSM: GSM A, GSM Abis
  • Ethernet: MAC, LLC, SNAP,
  • PPP, IP, IPX, TCP, UDP, Van Jacobson
  • Frame Relay: FR:Q922, T1.618,Q933, T1.617, LMI,
  • ISO: T71, ISO8473-CLNP, X224/T70, X225
  • V5: EF, Link Layer, Network Layer
  • ARINC 746,
  • ASN1 decoding (BER or full): ISDN, QSIG, SS7

Event selection

  • HDLC frame, Q931 message or X25 packet type ...
  • Value: Hex/ASCII string, particular control field (address, ...)
  • I430 transitions; TS0 alarms, G704 channel number.
  • BERT type events.
  • BYTE-TS event type.

Display format

  • Data field: none, length, hex, ASCII.
  • Control field: none, hex, identified, detailed.
  • Programmable color attribute by decoding, direction, interface level.

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Last modification: 27/02/04