Clarinet-Book Pocket E1/T1

Standard features

Functions supported
Connection to Interface under Test
Connection to operating interfaces
System and power connection
Packaging & regulation
Ordering information

Functions Supported


  • One Interface E1 or T1 selected by software
  • ISDN, SS7, V5, QSIG, Trunk applications
  • IP, X25, Frame Relay Data Protocols.
  • Digital connection/cross-connection on up to 32 TS.

Connection to Interface Under Test


  • E1-CEPT-32TS - ITU G703/G704/I431 recommendations
  • Monitor / Simulation
  • Impedance: 120 Ohms or 75 Ohms (software configuration)
  • HDB3 line coding
  • CRC4 option


  • T1/ANSI Trunk-24TS - ITU G703/G704/I431 recommendations
  • Monitor / Simulation
  • Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • AMI-B8ZS line coding
  • Zero suppression code option (Jammed bit)
  • SF, ESF, Japan ESF /non-ESF framing

Connection to Operating Interfaces


  • One SUBD-HD 15-pin female socket.
  • X24 interface (DCE type)
  • 64 k or nx64 k clock; octet clock


  • Handset: 4-pin modular plug socket

Internal resources


  • Full access to 32 TSs: switching, loop, transfer to Transit

Voice processing

  • Two COFIDECs (A law / µ law): selection by software
  • Two DTMF tone generator / receiver circuits

System and power connection

Host computer

  • IPAQ
  • Windows™ CE
  • Clarinet Software Pocket Run-time


  • 1 USB connector (type A) for 1 Clarinet-Book USB


  • Internal Batteries charged by AC/DC Adapter
  • External DC/AC adapter: 100 to 250 volts (European/UK/US cable options)

Packaging & Regulation

Unit Package

  • Size:191 x 139 x 49mm.
  • Weight: 0.725 kg


  • Tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules.
  • CE marking implies conformity to:
    • EN 55022/1994 Class A- Radio Frequency Interference
    • EN50082-1/1992 Electromagnetic Immunity
    • EN60950 Product safety


  • Plastic case including:
    • Clarinet-Pocket
    • External AC/DC Adapter
  • Free set of accessories: 
    • Handset
    • set of RJ45 cables + splitter (PN# 5321)

Ordering Information

Part Number

Product Designation


Clarinet-Pocket  E1/T1


Accessories Designation


Set of BNC-RJ45 cables + splitter + adapters for PN# 2001

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