Clarinet-Book ATM
STS-3c/STM1 & E3

Standard Features

Functions supported
Connection to Interface under Test
System and power connection
Packaging & regulation
Ordering information

Functions Supported


  • One Interface Under Test (34 or 155Mb) selected by software:
    • 34 Mbits/s E3 PDH interface
    • 155 Mbits/s STS-3c (SONET)/ STM-1 (SDH)
  • Monitoring: Both directions with common time-stamping
  • Simulation and simultaneous Monitoring of both directions
  • Acquisition mode: cells or PDUs

Connection to Interface Under Test

STS-3c   STM-1

  • Multi-mode Fiber (MMF) or Single-mode Fiber (SMF) or UTP-5
  • Two SC Style optical Interfaces
  • Operating mode:
    • Monitor
    • Equipment emulation


  • Two coax interfaces (2 x 2BNC connectors)
  • Operating mode:
    • Monitor
    • Equipment emulation

System and Power Connection


  • Two 50-pins micro Sub-D female socket
  • Up to 4 Clarinet-Book units on the SCSI2 bus


  • Universal AC adapter: 100 to 240 volts

Host Computer

  • Windows™ 95 or Windows™ NT
  • PC Desktop or Notebook with SCSI2 Adapter
  • Clarinet Software Run-time installed

Packaging & Regulation

Unit Package

  • Size:187 x 136 x 45mm.
  • Weight: 0.750 kg


Plastic case including:
  • Clarinet-Book
  • Power Supply
  • SCSI2 cables and termination
  • Accessories

Ordering Information


Product Designation


Clarinet-Book ATM STS-3c/STM1 MMF & E3


Clarinet-Book ATM STS-3c/STM1 SMF & E3

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Last modification: 27/02/04