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Clarinet API


  • The Software Development of Clarinet-API allows the generation of User-Programs, which can provide additional features to Clarinet products. 
  • Several families of applications can be developed in C/C++ language with Clarinet-API:
    • Customized monitoring or simulation on the interface under test by a User-Program, which participates in profile execution with the Manager.
    • Customized display of event files (for specific decoding or user defined events) by a User Event-editor.
    • Processing of event files Off-line or On-line (i.e. during profile execution), such as information extraction or synthesis, new events generation, statistics ...
    • Direct management of the Clarinet hardware (Clarinet-Book) by the AS-Interface ( initialization, commands and events ) in a protocol analysis and/or simulation system.


  • Clarinet-API is available on a CD-ROM support which includes:
    • Clarinet- Run-time.
    • Documentation
      • Reference manual
      • How to ...
    • Libraries & Tools:
      • C definition files: commands, events, communication mailbox structures, ...
      • Libraries of functions:
        • Basic interface control
        • Protocol decoding
        • Event-editor window management and display
        • Event files processing
      • Tools to generate ‘strings’ file for a customized display format definition.
    • Samples: source files provided as templates to create new user programs.
      • Several applications using built-in emulators :
        • Application over Q931 emulator
        • Q931 example using Q921 emulator
        • Q921 example using BOP layer 1
        • Application over Q933 emulator
        • Q933 example using Q922 emulator
        • Q922 example using BOP layer 1
        • Application over X25 emulator
        • X25 example using LAPB emulator
        • LAPB example using BOP layer 1
      • Examples of Customised Event-Editor:
        • Basic
        • Using MFC libraries
        • Using strings definitions tool
        • Complete X225 application : events generation, Event-Editor, Filter-Editor
      • Miscellaneous programs to demonstrate:
        • Event file processing
        • ISDN interface management: handset control, DTMF analysis and simulation, ...
      • Examples of protocol conformance testing using C user-programs:
        • X25: NET2 full source code
        • Q931: NET3 and NET5 full source code



  • Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0/, Windows 2000 environment
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++ (Professional Edition version 5.0 or 6.0 )
  • The Clarinet DEV-C Package delivered on a single CD-ROM  includes:
    • Clarinet-API.
    • Clarinet Run-time.
    • a technical documentation.


  • The Clarinet DEV-C installation and execution are subject to the general conditions of the ACACIA software use license
  • New versions of the software are delivered through Clarinet DEV-C updates to registered users.

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Software-Package: Clarinet DEV-C
(Include Clarinet Run-time + Clarinet API-C)


Maintenance (1 year) Software-Package: Clarinet DEV-C

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