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QSIG ETS Products

Standard Reference

Clarinet ETS 300 805-2: QSIG Basic Call
  • Protocol: the pr(I)ETS ETS300 172 defines QSIG signaling protocol for  "Private Integrated Services Network (PISN); Inter-Exchange Signaling protocol, Circuit Mode Basic Services" [ISO/IEC 11572 (1996) modified].
  • ATS:  ETSI standard ETS 300 805-2. This ETS is part 2 of a multi-part standard covering the Network Layer (NL), Circuit Mode Basic Services (CMBS) of the Inter-exchange signaling protocol, for Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN).

Clarinet ETS 300 805-2: QSIG GFP

  • Protocol: The pr(I)ETS ETS300 239 defines QSIG signaling protocol for "Private Integrated Services Network (PISN); Inter-exchange signaling protocol; Generic functional protocol for the support of supplementary services" [ISO/IEC 11582 (1995) modified]
  • ATS:  ETSI standard  ETS 300 806-2. This ATS is part 2 of a multi-part standard covering the Generic Functional Protocol for the Support of Supplementary Services (GFP) of the Inter-exchange signaling protocol, for Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN).


  • These ETS result from a compilation of the ATS (Abstract Test Suites) source included in ATS in TTCN-MP (IS-format) by the CLARINET-TTCN compiler.
  • The ETS packages include the executable files of ETS and the templates of Clarinet file for a quick operation (Profiles, filters, Test cases list, PICS/PIXIT).

Clarinet ETS

TTCN Configuration

Number of
Test Cases

No. of 

ETS 300 805-2: QSIG Basic Call Config_Mono 275 1
Config_Seg 32 1
Config_Transit 102 2
Total 409  
ETS 300 806-2: QSIG GFP Config_Mono 88 1
Config_Transit 160 2
Total 248   

Clarinet-System configuration

Host Specifications

  • USB interface + Windows 98 or Windows 2000
  • SCSI2  interface + Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0

Clarinet Specification

  • To run an ETS, only the standard Clarinet RUN-TIME package is required
  • The Clarinet RUN-TIME version should be at least the 8.3 version
  • The Clarinet-profiles are used in User-Program behavior

Interface Under Test Specification

  • The ETS can be run on different types of interfaces supported by CLARINET:
    • E1
    • T1

Manager Options

  • The features which generate and display a full TTCN-GR trace are included in the standard Clarinet RUN-TIME
  • An access from the Clarinet profile-editor allows to manage directly both configuration files:
    • Test Cases list
    • PICS/PIXIT parameters.

Filter Options

  • Filter includes TTCN functions to select the TTCN-GR trace events
  • Programmable color attribute by type of events (Test-step, Test Case...)



  • All ETS are independent software packages delivered on the single CD-ROM Clarinet ETS
  • The running of the software is controlled by the Clarinet security-key connected on parallel port
  • The ETS installation and execution are subject to the general conditions of the ACACIA software use license.


  • The ATS reference (mp file name) and ATS modifications are provided by Acacia in each package.
  • The TTCN-GR test documentation corresponding to the ATS is available from standard organization.

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Product Designation


Clarinet-ETS 300 805-2: QSIG Basic Call


Clarinet-ETS 300 806-2: QSIG GFP

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