Clarinet System: Product Overview

Standard Features

Clarinet: Data Communication Test Equipment


  • The Clarinet-system, developed by Acacia, is a very powerful PC-based tool for testing protocols on ATM, LAN, and WAN networks. 
  • The hardware units - Clarinet-Books - can be connected to any PC-Desktop or Notebook running Windows  98 or Windows 2000.


  • ATM
    • STS-3c/STM1
    • E3
    • S-T Bus.
    • U 2B1Q
    • E1
    • T1
  • Trunk E1 / T1.
  • Ethernet AUI, 10base2, 10baseT.
  • V24-V28, V35, V36 and X24-V11 interfaces.


  • Protocol decoding according to a user-specified protocol stack.
  • Statistics: message counting , flow details.
  • Filtering and triggering on message type.
  • Simultaneous network/user simulation and analysis (ATM, ISDN, QSIG, SS7, V5, IP, Frame Relay, X25,).
  • Clarinet-API: development of programs in the C language.
  • Conformance testing: execution of ETS, compilation of ATS.
  • User-friendly operator interface using dialogues under MS-Windows.
  • Easy use of multiple interfaces by connecting units to the USB or SCSI2 bus.

A Stack
of Protocols

  • Common protocols supported on bit or character oriented links in a user-specified stack 
  • ATM cells, HDLC frame, Asynchronous characters, ATM UNI & PNNI, ISDN, QSIG, V5, X25, Frame Relay, IP/IPX, H323, TCP, X224/X225, V120, PPP, LCP, GSM, SS7 and many variations (national versions, RFC extensions, ISO/ITU/ANSI...)

Clarinet: A Protocol Analyzer


  • All the exchanges occurring on the Interface Under Test are time-stamped with resolution of 0.1 millisecond (0,1 microsecond ATM).
  • The events are recorded in real-time directly to hard-disk in their native format (binary data + date). 
  • The events report the physical state (ATM, E1/T1, BRI, Vseries), bop framing, Bert counting....
  • The beginning and end of recording can be triggered on any user specified events.


  • An event editor displays the events stored on hard-disk : 
  • Events are decoded and translated under protocol strings. 
  • The protocol stack specification provides an unlimited number of combinations for two channels.
  • The editor can select the events in the file according to filter specification.
  • Powerful search and edit facilities allow easy location and manipulation  of desired events.


  • A complementary function provides statistics counting on BOP events, data flow, delay events.
  • Counters can be displayed under history or counter modes.

Clarinet: Automatic Simulators


  • Automatic simulator allows controlled ATM UNI, ISDN, QSIG, ISUP, communications, X25 or Frame Relay circuits. 
  • The built-in simulator emulates the layers of protocol and includes the behavior functions:
    • Generator (outgoing call)
    • Responder (incoming call) .

Control and

  • The messages and parameters are fully specified within the Windows dialogue. The parameters allow configuration of:
    • Network/Terminal mode,
    • Versions of protocol (ATM, ISDN, SS7, SVC/PVC)
    • Time-limits values...
  • Commands allow the user to manually control the simulator: call/clear, send messages,
  • Built-in data sources are available to fill in channels or virtual circuits 

Clarinet: A Programmable Simulator

C Language

  • The Clarinet-API provides all the interfaces for programming in the C language.
  • The executable program specifications are included in the standard Clarinet environment.

Clarinet: A Conformance Testing Tool


  • The Conformance Testing Simulation runs executable programs generated by using the Clarinet-TTCN-compiler and the API interfaces.
  • Software packages corresponding to standard ETS are available (ATM, ISDN, QSIG, SS7, V5, Frame Relay X25).
  • Optional functions are dedicated to conformance testing:
    • Setting of parameters (PICS/PIXIT;TC list)
    • Full TTCN-GR trace
    • Access to HTML TTCN edition

Clarinet: Easy to Use and Versatile


  • The Clarinet-manager offers a user-friendly operator interface developed under the Windows environment
  • The choices of configuration are selected by a Windows dialogue and systematically saved in files.
  • Configuration of tests are defined in Clarinet profiles. Profiles can be automatically repeated, chained, looped...


  • Clarinet-Book units can be supported by any type of PC: Desktop or Notebook. 
  • USB or SCSI2 ports are used for multi-point connection. 
  • Different types of Clarinet-books can be mixed on the USB bus or used independently. 
  • The software can be installed under Windows 98 or Windows 2000 .

Clarinet: An Invaluable Tool in Many Situations

Development Laboratories

  • CLARINET-System has many functions to evaluate the behavior and performance of PBX, terminals, switches supporting ATM, WAN and LAN protocols. Versatile configurations of the automatic simulator, programmable simulation and protocol-stack analysis can be combined.


  • CLARINET-System provides a reference against which to validate communications equipment in a production line. The automatic simulator and the analyzer run pre-prepared profiles.

Test Labs

  • CLARINET-System, with the complementary ETS packages, is a powerful and low cost TESTER to run standard ETS or to compile ATS developed in TTCN language.

Field Operation

  • CLARINET-System is a powerful tool to investigate when random faults occur on links and networks: the triggers and recording capabilities allow all of the messages and physical states to be stored.

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