Clarinet Software

Update of Clarinet packages

In order to expedite and streamline future upgrades, Acacia provides from the version 10.4-02/185 the Clarinet users with a procedure of downloading the following packages:. 

  • Clarinet Run-Time
  • Clarinet ETS

This procedure is now  implemented. One dedicated downloading address is allocated to each Clarinet user. From this address, the Clarinet user can transfer by ftp :

  • the last version of Clarinet Run-Time for updating the Clarinet system which are under warranty or maintenance.
  • the last version of each Clarinet ETS package for updating the Clarinet ETS which are under warranty or maintenance. 

In order to get the downloading address, the user needs to fill out the form.

Customers who prefer to continue receiving the upgrades under the CD-ROM media format, need to send their request by fax, mail or e-mail  to provide their delivery address and the references of their packages.


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Last modification: 27/02/04