Clarinet Analog measurement


Product Overview

Following Internet services application, Voice over IP is the next powerful application for IP networks. The success of the VoIP industry depends on its ability to utilize IP Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to deliver inexpensive, toll-quality voice without significantly impacting data delivery in a converged network.

Test equipment should include applications today that allows the user to analyze the network's ability to deliver both voice and data. As the legacy voice networks , PSTN and ISDN, will coexist for a long time, interoperability testing between the both networks will become an important feature.  

The voice monitoring acquires events translated into wav files and provides voice quality results. The voice  simulation  generates traffic IP packets or 8 bit-samples, supporting a wide range of commonly-used Codecs.  All results are displayed as time-stamped events allowing to correlate the signalling call control and the voice results.


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Last modification: 27/02/04