Clarinet IP Simulation User-Programs

The Clarinet Run-time package includes templates and the executable files allowing to run IP and TCP simulation in User-Program mode.

Specifying the IP User-program profile

The User-Program uses the configuration defined in the IP profile (name inserted in parameter field)

Configuring the IP simulator

The panel opened by the shortcut allows to define up to 10 addresses of destination for the datagrams:

Running the IP simulator

The user program can act as:
  • passive: only receiving datagrams.
  • active: sending datagrams to the destinations defined in the profile.


Specifying the TCP simulator

The User-Program uses Tcp.exe file 


Running the TCP simulator

The panel opened by the User-Program allows to initialize the TCP emulator
The TCP initialization allows to define:
  • addresses
  • services

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Last modification: 27/02/04