Clarinet MAP monitoring

The Clarinet Run time Version 10.4 allows to decode the GSM MAP2 and MAP2+ protocols.

Functions of the program

The specifications of GSM MAP and MAP2+ are published by ETSI. The implementation of the decoding refers to the folowing documents:  

  • MAP2 : ETS 300 599 - GSM09.02 Version 4.17.1.
  • MAP 2+: TS 100 974 - GSM09.02 version 6.2.0

Generation of SS7 events

The SCCP messages are decoded over MTP2 and MTP3 stack. The "UnitData" messages include a Data field carrying the MAP protocol

Decoding of MAP2 protocol

The MAP messages are encoded by using ASN1 rules. Clarinet displays directly the ASN1 content.


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Last modification: 27/02/04