Clarinet IP simulation: PING function

The Clarinet IP simulation includes an automatic PING function

Functions of the program

The emulator at the IP layer allows to automatically: .

When using the GFT user-program, the encoder is used to encode the Data of each of the messages used by the GFT user-program.

  • Transmit automatically ICMP Echo Packets
  • Check ICMP Echo-Reply Packets
  • Generate statistics

The PING function can be  automatically activated while other simulation (H323, SIP...) are running.


Setup of the PING function

The Clarinet IP profiles includes in the Emulator the way to setup the PING function which has two modes of  execution :

  • Automatic mode (auto mode selected): starts automatically the sequence and repeat it continuously after the delay defined in Time 
  • Manual mode (auto mode deselected): the manual command allows to launch and repeat the PING sequence by a manual command.

:Each  PING sequence consist of a number of  ICMP Echo message defined in Count.

At the end of the sequence, the results are included in one service event generated at the IP layer.

The PING function Is specified in the Emulator Init at the IP layer

Execution of the PING function

The PING function can be launch automatically or by a manual command f by a manual command.
The ICMP Service event provides the results of the checking: 
  • Packets sent/received
  • Round trip time


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Last modification: 27/02/04