Clarinet SS7: Bearer Channels. 

The Clarinet Run-time package (version 10.5) includes a new feature allowing to manage the Bearer Channels when simulating SS7/BICC

Specification of the profile mode

The profile includes two emulation modes:

  • Signalling  supporting 2 Time-slots carrying signalling
  • Signalling + Bearer: one TS carrying the signalling channel and other Time-Slots dedicated to Bearer channels for Voice















Specification of Bearer channels

The emulator panel has an additional field to define the association between CIC and Time-Slots

The Bearer Channels are defined by  their Clarinet Number and TS number


Specification of Bearer sources 

The sources used in the ISDN application can be used by the same way by the Generator and Responder behavior of SS7:


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Last modification: 27/02/04