Clarinet SS7: "OverISUP" User-Program

The Clarinet Run-time package includes a template and the executable files allowing to run ISUP simulation in User-Program mode.

Specification of the User-program profile

ss7over04.gif (12296 octets)

The User-Program uses the stack of protocols defined in the profile specification by 'Emulator Config' access.

The Time-Slot allocated to the SS7 common channel is specified  under the 'Interface Specs/Signaling Link' access.

ss7over03.gif (4900 octets)

Running the User-program

The panel opened by the User-program allows to dynamically send commands to the interface
  • Circuit management applied to one circuit or a group of circuits
  • Call control management by sending messages corresponding to different Communication Identifiers
ss7over01.gif (6790 octets)

Each of the messages can be configured in hex entry (Copy/Paste allowed)

The value is saved at the end of execution as a default value.

ss7over02.gif (4125 octets)

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Last modification: 27/02/04