Clarinet Pocket: Product Overview

Standard Features

A new concept of PDA: the Protocol Diagnostic Assistant


Clarinet Pocket is the latest concept for a new modular protocol tester to allow for simple, fast and effective testing of protocol over networks interfaces. This hand-held tester provides manufacturers, service providers and contractors who have significant numbers of LAN and WAN interfaces to commission, configure and maintain with a rapid and accurate means of determining the suitability of the protocol exchanges.


The Microsoft® Windows® Powered Compaq iPAQ™ Pocket PC 3835 combines the longest battery life and fastest processor available with massive memory speeds and unprecedented storage capacity to take advantage of a wealth of new features.

The CSA program provides its members with the support to port and optimize existing applications to run on Compaq high-performance platforms.

A powerful hand-held tester 

Portable tester

Clarinet-system gives you the choice of two different portable testers to run the tests with the same operator interface:

  • A colour Pocket Diagnostic Assistant running Microsoft® Pocket PC

  • Any Notebook running Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, 98/Me with Clarinet-Book units

  • A common set of Interfaces and Protocols are supported.

  • The configuration files (Clarinet profiles) and the results (Clarinet Events) are saved into files which can be transferred in the both directions over the USB connection.

Clarinet applications supporting protocols and interfaces


Clarinet Pocket is the modular hand-held version of the Clarinet System. The first Monitoring and simulation applications  supported by the Clarinet Pocket are:
  • SS7
  • ISDN
  • LAN

A set of modules allows Clarinet Pocket to connect to the SUT (System Under Test) by using different interfaces:

The battery powered Clarinet Pocket unit allows to run test for several hours without main power connection.

MS-Windows and USB connectivity

The Pocket PC can be connected directly to any PC from the Clarinet Pocket unit. Or the Pocket PC can be extracted and installed into the USB Pocket cradle.

Immediately the Pocket PC is synchronized with the main PC, the files can be downloaded in the both directions….

A Pocket PC as the user interface?

The Pocket PC provides the technician with a Windows Graphical User Interface menu structure

  • Brilliant TFT screen with over 65,000 colors

  • Microsoft® Pocket PC Software 2002

  • Windows PC Connectivity using the USB bus

  • Using a Pocket PC allows you to integrate test processes with company applications.

  • Prepare your testing schedule on the PC and carry it with the tester.

  • Simple to use slim and powerful Pocket PC in a sleek, elegant design

  •  Industry-leading handheld capabilities for the enterprise

  • Extensive software suite (Word, Excel..) to generate your reports

Notable Features

Features and Benefits

Pocket PC as an optional assistant combining powerful Clarinet-system applications and handheld concept.

Detailed clarinet events display available for on-site diagnostic.

Modular design to meet future requirements and technologies

Field upgradeable hardware/software to customize the tester configuration

Potential Users

  • Incumbent and new Operators commissioning the network access

  • Operators measuring the quality of service over VOIP or digital networks access

  • Manufacturers providing switches, PABX, terminal equipment.

  • Installers and subcontractors of the SS7, IP, ISDN networks access

  • Large corporations that are clients and customers of network services


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Last modification: 27/02/04