Clarinet Event-Editor: String filter and counters

The Clarinet Event Editor allows to filter by string selection.

Functions of the program

The Clarinet Event-Editor includes a filtering function accessible through a displayed selection :

  • the string is selected by the cursor highlighting
  • the right button of the mouse provides access to the "string filter"  function

Definition of the string

"String filter", defines a new way to quickly filter events displayed by the Clarinet event editor.. 

A panel allows to edit the string from the command line:

Edit -> Edit String Filter 

Only the events including the display of the defined string are displayed:

The above screen shows the filter based over the Call Reference of ISDN messages. The string '00 01) was selected to filter the first ISDN communication. 

Counters: setting the marker

Following optionally a string filter action, the event-editor allows  to count a range of events displayed on the screen:

  • the beginning of the range is define by a marker
  • the end of the range is defined by the event under the cursor

The "Event Date" or  F5 Function  is used for setting the marker 
It also provides the date of the event
The beginning of the range has an indication "first marker". It will stay valid until a new 

Counters: getting the results

By using the navigation keys or the search function,  the cursor is moved to the last event of the range.

The "Event Count" or CTRL F5 function allows to count the number of events of the range.
The "Event Delay" or SHIFT F5 function allows to count the time between the first and the last events of the range.



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Last modification: 27/02/04