Clarinet Software Version

Clarinet Run-time packages

The following table displays the main features which have been added to the different versions of the Clarinet software packages. The date is indicated under the format 'year/day number' such as written on the medias. Additionally each new version fixes also some problems which have been reported.

Version Date Description  
V10.7 04/092 SIP simulation supports RTP and QoS sources   
V10.6 03/280 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/269 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/260 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/258 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/247 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/241 Maintenance  
V10.6 03/220 H323 supports H235 simulation  
V10.6 03/220 H323 simulation supports tunneling + miscellaneous FACILITY messages   
V10.6 03/220 PESQ source in ISDN / QSIG / SS7 / IP  profiles + communication  process
V10.6 03/220 SIP-T monitoring  
V10.6 03/220 NTP monitoring  
V10.6 03/220 Automatic PING function
V10.6 03/220 SIP simulation - Signalling behavior: Generator, Responder, Miscellaneous 
V10.5 03/148 ISUP emulator - Manual command on CONTINUITY message according to a call ID  
V10.5 03/148 SIGTRAN monitoring: M2UA, M3UA, SUA,V5UA,M2PA  
V10.5 03/148 Event Editor - Display with string filter and events counters
V10.5 03/094 Analog measure - Synchronization date added in start event  
V10.5 03/094 ISUP emulator - Blocking/unblocking acknowledgement messages  
V10.5 03/094 ISUP simulation - Bearer channels
V10.5 03/038 Tx / Rx Wave files with ISDN / QSIG / SS7 profiles  
V10.5 03/038 H323/RTP - Tx / Rx Wave files  
V10.5 03/038 INTEROP templates (LAN-LAN, LAN-PRI/E1, LAN-BRI/S0)  
V10.5 03/038 H323 Misc manual commands  
V10.5 03/038 User defined protocol over V5DL (DEV-C)  
V10.5 03/038 PPP emulator - Authentification protocol (MD5 algorithm)  
V10.5 03/038 SS7/ISUP - INF message response to an INR message  
V10.5 03/038 Q931 emu (AT&T, Bellcore NI, Northern DMS 100) -  Maintenance procedures management  
V10.5 03/038 Authorization by license file  
V10.5 02/357 Use of Microsoft Visual C++ NET/V7.0 (DEV-TTCN)  
V10.5 02/357 Q931 Bellcore NI2, Northern DMS 100 decoding -  'SERVICE' and 'SERVICE-ACK'  
V10.5 02/357 PPP emulator - FCS init  
V10.5 02/325    
V10.5 02/295 H323 - Addition of Gateway addresses in IP emulator parameters  
V10.5 02/295 IP over PPP (stack IP and IP-TCP/UDP): IP address negotiation  
V10.5 02/280 H323 - Addition of SETUP-ACK in Responder mode  
V10.5 02/280 New package of DEV-C samples  
V10.5 02/270 Clarinet Help renewed  
V10.5 02/269 H323 - Support of H323-Version 4  
V10.5 02/269 H323 - Support of  Codec in RTP data flow  
V10.5 02/269 Analog measurement: processing over Byte-TS and RTP with ANALOG.aci  
V10.5 02/269 H323 - Support of RTP simulation, frame based codecs  and generation of wav files  
V10.4 02/185 H323 - Decoding of H450  
V10.4 02/185 H323 - RAS emulation supports TimetoLive and RoundTrip functions  
V10.4 02/112 H323- Multiple configurations of  RAS messages (ARQ..)  
V10.4 02/112 Monitoring of GSM-MAP2 and MAP2+  protocols
V10.4 02/053 Maintenance  
V10.4 02/036 Monitoring of MGCP protocol
V10.4 02/036 H323- Auto-update of ASN1 fields: IP and Port Addresses, guid...  
V10.4 02/036 Monitoring of H248-Megaco protocol (text & binary)
V10.4 02/036 Monitoring and simulation of BICC protocol
V10.4 02/036 H323- Responder auto-generate Fastart  
V10.4 02/036 Analog measurement: monitoring over Byte-TS and RTP
V10.4 02/036 ISDN-NFAS  
V10.3 01/351 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/283 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/278 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/257 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/250 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/235 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/185 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/178 Sa7 bit restricted to V5 application  
V10.3 01/178 Addition of  SL-56k  
V10.3 01/178 Addition of H323 Templates  
V10.3 01/176 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/152 Addition of ICMP responder behavior  
V10.3 01/152 Html installation procedure  
V10.3 01/131 Maintenance  
V10.3 01/124 Addition of Test profiles to the Template list  
V10.3 01/117 X25 and FRelay traffic generator : addition of 'User Program Data'  
V10.3 01/117 XDU generation added over IPV6 protocol  
V10.3 01/117 PPP Filter parameter (syn/asyn)  
V10.3 01/117 Filter on values. IP stack. Port number (TCP/UDP).  
V10.3 01/117 SS7 Profile editor. ANSI OPC+DPC.  
V10.3 01/117 SS7 Profile editor. ANSI Parameters added to the choice list.  
V10.3 01/117 Filter: automatic protocol selection above TCP-UDP
V10.3 01/117 SIP monitoring
V10.3 01117 Addition of IP profiles for emulation of IP, TCP and H323  
V10.2 01/068 ISDN monitoring - ATT-PRI maintenance  'SERVICE' and  'SERVICE-ACK messages  decoded'  
V10.2 01/018 User-Program to generate 'wav file' ( DEV-C package)  
V10.2 01/018 Entry of SS7-ANSI SPC supports more digits  
V10.2 00/325 Decoding of SS7/IS41 protocol
V10.2 00/325 Miscellaneous messages in SS7 simulation
V10.2 00/325 Decoding of SS7 ANSI version protocol (MTP3-ISUP)
V10.2 00/325 Support of Clarinet Book-USB Vseries  
V10.2 00/305 SS7-Q755 emulation  
V10.2 00/305 Decoding IGMP protocol  
V10.2 00/305 Decoding PPOE protocol
V10.1 00/243 SS7 Service Indicator MTP User Part  
V10.1 00/243 Support of Clarinet Book-USB LAN Ethernet 10/100  
V10.1 00/216 Decoding ISDN-QSIG messages in Segmented mode  
V10.1 00/216 ATM PNNI simulation ()
V10.1 00/172 Maintenance  
V10.1 00/159 SS7 monitoring and User-Program simulation over Vseries interface   
V10.1 00/159 SS7 application manages 2 channels per E1/T1 Link 
V10.1 00/143 Maintenance  
V10.1 00/111 V5.2 Edition 2 automatic simulation  
V10.1 00/090 Support of Clarinet Book-USB S-T/U  
V10.1 99/049 H323 monitoring
V10.1 00/049 IP User-Program simulation + templates
V10.1 00/049

Support of Clarinet Book-USB E1/T1

V10.1 99/341

SS7- ISUP automatic simulation (ITU)

V10.1 99/326

ATM simulation UNI4.0

V10.1 99/326

SS7-ISUP emulation

V10.1 99/326

SS7 emulation (ISUP-SCCP)

V10.1 99/326

Decoding of  IPV6 Protocols

V10.1 99/326

ATM-ILMI emulation

V10.1 99/326

Statistics: Counting QSIG messages

V10.1 99/326

Statistics: Counting SS7 messages

V10.1 99/326

Windows 98 & Windows 2000 supported

V10.1 99/273

Field-test version (Geneva 99)

V10.0 99/253

ATM-ILMI monitoring

V10.0 99/203

QSIG automatic simulation (ISO-ETSI)

V8.4   ATM SVC automatic simulation (Q2931)  
V8.4   SS7 interfaces managed by SS7 application  
V8.4   ATM protocols: monitoring of MPOA and LANE  
V8.4   Wizard to create new profiles/filters with valid filter files, event files ...  
V8.4   FR SVC (UNI/NNI)  upgrade (Restart,X36/X76 alignment,…)  
V8.4   Decoding: ATM protocols MPOA, LANE,  
V8.4   Decoding: ATM signaling protocols: ITUQ2931  
V8.4   Decoding SS7 protocols: INAP and TCAP  
V8.3   ATM interfaces managed by ATM application  
V8.3   V5 interfaces managed by V5 application  
V8.3   V5.1 and V5.2 automatic simulation  
V8.3   Decoding SS7: INAP and TCAP protocols  
V8.2   Protocols decoding: SMDS DXI and SMDS DXI LMI  
V8.2   Protocols decoding: ATM DXI and ATMDXI LMI  
V8.2   Protocols decoding: DNS and BOOTP/DHCP  
V8.2   Counting of V5.1 and V5.2 message types.   
V8.2   ASN1 indefinite encoding option.  
V8.2   TTCN Report recorded in event file: Pics/Pixit file content  & Test campaign report  
V8.1   Protocols decoding: V5.1 (ETS 300 3241) & V5.2 (ETS 300 3471)  
V8.1   Data flow counters / field value:  X25 LCN  & Frame Relay DLCI  
V8.0   Execution of TTCN-ETS in concurrent mode.  
V8.0   Edition of Test Cases and Pics/Pixit  files in the profile.  
V8.0   The Event-Editor displays the TTCN traces merged with protocol events.  
V8.0   BER-ASN1 decoding of ISDN Facilities  
V8.0   Decoding of  QSIG protocol  (ETS 300 172).  
V8.0   ISDN Miscellaneous Q931 messages selectable  
V8.0   Frame-Relay automatic simulation in SVC mode.  
V8.0   Several applications (ISDN, LAN, Vseries) managed by a single profile  
V8.0   Management of 7 interfaces in a single profile.  
V8.0   Frame Relay automatic simulation in SVC mode.  
V8.0   Windows 95 & Windows NT4 supported  



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