How to ?



How to manage the Clarinet configuration

How to test ISDN?

How to test QSIG?

How to test SS7?

How to test Trunk E1/T1 ?

How to test ATM ?

How to simultaneously test SS7 and ISDN

How to test V5?

How to test Vseries ?

  • Monitor HDLC overV24
  • Advanced monitoring:
    • Monitor HDLC over V11 at 8 Mbits/s
  • Simulate BERT overV24
  • Advanced simulation:
    • Simulate protocol
  • Displaying events ...

How to test Frame Relay?

  • Monitor Frame Relay
  • Simulate Frame Relay User side
    • overV24
    • over E1/T1
    • over ATM

How to test X25/X75?

  • Monitor X25
  • Simulate X25 DTE
    • overV24
    • over E1/T1
    • over ATM

How to test IP?

How to test VOIP?

How to edit the events resulting from acquisition



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updated:  27-Feb-04